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Costs of spiral stairs, curved stairs, straight stairs and glass stairs compared

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There are a huge variety of different stairs that can be used to give a property or refurbishment project an interesting twist.  These range from curved glass staircases to simple softwood staircases, here are a few examples with some ideas of price for supply and fitting.

Enclosed wooden softwood straight staircase (supply £2,500 and fit £2,000)

This is the most widely used type of stair, where the lower side of the step is hidden from view in by under stair storage or where it is simply boxed in. These can be painted, covered with a carpet run or finished with a varnish or wax.

Open wooden softwood/hardwood straight staircase (supply £3,000 and fit £2,000)

When a more decorative staircase is required the underside can be left open. This allows the stairs themselves to become a feature that is equally attractive when viewed from above or below. An open staircase is more likely to be made with higher quality wood such as oak. The construction of the stair is slightly more complicated in order to hide some of the structural elements.

Wooden curved or spiral staircase (supply from £4,500 and fit £3,000)

A curved staircase not only allows space saving, but also adds an interesting feature to a house or flat. Staircases of this type can have straight and curved sections and so can be extremely aesthetically pleasing. The most extreme example of this is the spiral staircase, which can be used as an interesting feature that also saves space.

The picture above shows a spiral staircase that is enclosed in a glass balustrade. While being functional this staircase made an interesting feature in this Dublin flat refurbishment.

Glass staircases (supply from £5,000 and fit £3,000)

Glass staircases can add an amazing level of interest to a room, they’re a great pleasure to use as they offer the unusual feeling of floating as you descend them!

From a more practical point of view they also allow light to move freely through a space that might otherwise have been dark. They offer many exciting opportunities in terms design including curvature, methods of lighting, type and thickness of glass, colour of glass and so on. Do give us a call to discuss any idea you may have for a glass staircase, we would be very interested to discuss them with you!

Prices are to give an idea as of course every staircase is different, these prices also exclude handrails and balustrades, call us if you want an exact quote.

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